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The original hacking of my main website, kellymaher.com, *was* resolved. However, it turned out that there were elements that got broken during that resolution. This site is my supplementary site for book information. The main page with news items and the contact page are still up and running.


Release day!

A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA is now available at all retailers! Here’s the blurb:

She had no intention of letting romance interfere with the road trip of a lifetime.

Missy Karlsen is on a mission to remake herself after a quitting a toxic friendship, and a dream trip through Copenhagen, Olso and Stockholm is her chance to find her balance.

She’s not supposed to be knocked off it by the first man she sees when she lands in Scandinavia.

Rik Scholz thought the bus tour would be a routine undercover operation to find out if the tour leader was indulging in an illicit side hustle. He’s surprised to find himself wanting to spend more and more time with a lovely American who has a fascination for Scandinavian crime novels.

Rik can close his case, but he can’t get Missy to trust the feelings growing between them and since he has secrets of his own, he’s reluctant to push for more than he deserves.

Can they be more than a road trip romance or will Missy’s messy past and Rik’s secrets throw them off course?

For readers who love road trips, sexy times between older women and younger men, and a little heart-in-mouth intrigue with their heart eyes.


Main site hacked

Hi! If you’re seeing this, it’s either because you got redirected here from kellymaher.com or through the wonders of an internet search. My team is diligently working on getting the main site up and running again, but it is the holidays and we have families who would like us present both physically and mentally. I will be working on populating this sub-site with information about my books so it’s available to my readers! If it’s not here yet, it’s coming!